What Do Men Like In Bed? 7 Killer Tips


what do men like in bedWhat Do Men Like In Bed?

If you know the rules to follow then turning a man on and making him desire you even more are quite simple really.

There are certain things that you can do which can make a huge difference to your love life and in turn which can make your relationship with the man of your dreams much stronger.    In this article we answer that age-old question “What do men like in bed?”

As you will discover your man has his own particular wants and desires when you are in bed together.   However there are certain things that all men like and what men really want when you are making love to them.


Tip 1 – A Woman Who Is Able To Communicate What She Needs

In any relationship as things progress then you may start to expect a lot more from your partner especially when in bed together.

However you need to remember that guys aren’t telepathic and so you really need to be able to communicate with them effectively in order to tell them exactly what it is you need, this is especially important when trying something new out.

If you are willing to actually communicate more about what you want then this will help your guy to become more relaxed.  In turn they will be able to focus more on making love to you rather than trying to figure out if what they are doing is something that you enjoy or not.

Also it will show that you care about they enjoy themselves as much as you.

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Tip 2 – Be Ready To Initiate Making Love To Your Man

Generally girls can be quite coy about making love to their man, however what you will notice when you do decide to take the initiative is that this is something guys really like.

However we aren’t talking about you just asking the guy outright to make love to you, rather we are talking about you making small overtures to them.  For example when he is sat in front of the TV you could cuddle up beside him and whisper ideas in his head that he will find interesting.

Remember you have your own sexual needs like him and guys really do like it when a woman takes the initiative to make love to theirs.

Also don’t be afraid to speak your mind and tell him exactly what it is you desire.   Not only will he be happy to listen to what you have to say but also you will find out more about what do guys like in bed.

Tip 3 – Take Control

Most guys are happy to take control when it comes to making love to a woman they desire.   However there are times when they find it more enjoyable if the woman takes control and gives them what they desire.

What many women do not realise is that most guys secretly desire their women to be a little more dominant and who are willing to take control of their love making.

If you really want to spice things up, then one way of how to satisfy your man in bed would be to order him to do what you want or to tie his hands to the bedpost.

As you will soon discover guys find this very exciting, and any guy who is told to lie back and enjoy won’t need to be asked a second time.

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Tip 4 – Discover What His Fantasies Are

Most men have a certain fantasy that they would like to act out with their partners, but are too afraid to ask.    However if you are going to go down this route in order to discover what men really want make sure that you are comfortable with what they want to do.

If you aren’t then rather than helping to make your relationship with them much stronger it could make things much worse.

Tip 5 – Incorporate Sex Toys Into Your Love Making

Most women think that sex toys are simply there to provide them with pleasure, but there are just as many now available that can help satisfy guys as well.    If you do choose to use such when making love to your partner you may well discover that they help to provide you with pleasure as well.

Tip 6 – Let Him Know He Can Take You When He Wants

If you really want to bring out the sexy beast in your partner then it is important that you are willing to initiate some kind of action telling them that if they want it they should take it.

However it is important when initiating this type of love making that you are up for what may well happen.    You could start of simply by kissing him seductively and then as you pull away say that if he wants more then he should come and get it.

Also should you notice that he is being gentle when making love to you that you tell him to go harder or faster.

Tip 7 – Mix Things Up

When making love doing the same thing over and over again can soon cause the feelings you once had for each other to fade.   So if at any time he makes suggestions about varying things when making love be open to them.

Even things like a change of speed or making love in a different position can provide you with a much more interesting and pleasurable experience.

Also by varying things can help to keep in a more heightened state of arousal, which in turn can provide you with a great deal more pleasure as well.

We hope you may find the above tips useful when next making love to your partner.

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